Walsall County and Family Court

Family Court - Walsall

Court #358. This court is Active.

Court building open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Telephone Enquiries from: 9am to 5pm Court counter open: 10am to 2pm (For prior appointments only)

Walsall County and Family Court Information

Name Walsall County and Family Court

Walsall County and Family Court hearing centre Bridge House Bridge Street
West Midlands


Enquiries: 01922 728 855

Fax: 01264 347906

Small claims mediation: 01604 795 511

Appointments: 01922 728857

DX: 701943 Walsall 2


Bailiffs: bailiffs@walsall.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Filing and records: e-filing@walsall.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Enquiries: enquiries@walsall.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Family queries: family@walsall.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Listing: hearings@walsall.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Mediation: scmenquiries@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk


Baby changing facility

This Court has baby changing facilities.

Children's waiting room

This Court has a childrens room facility.

Assistance dogs

Guide Dogs are welcome at this Court.

Interview room

This Court has interview room facilities.

Loop Hearing

This Court has hearing enhancement facilities.


Refreshments are available.

Disabled access

Disabled access and toilet facilities.

Court Types Family Court County Court
Areas Of Law

Social security
Information about the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal

Information about applying for bankruptcy

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Sandwell Borough Council
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • Walsall Borough Council
  • Wolverhampton City Council

High Court District Registry

Information about getting a divorce

Housing possession
Information about evicting tenants

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Sandwell Borough Council
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • Walsall Borough Council
  • Wolverhampton City Council

Domestic violence


Money claims
Information about making a court claim for money

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Sandwell Borough Council
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • Walsall Borough Council
  • Wolverhampton City Council

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Court Number 358
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Cci Code 358
Status Active

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