Teesside Combined Court Centre

Crown Court - Middlesbrough

Court #460. This court is Active.

Court building open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm County Court enquiries counter: 10am to 2pm

Teesside Combined Court Centre Information

Name Teesside Combined Court Centre

Russell Street


County Court: 01642 343 028

Enquiries: 01642 340 000

Witness care unit: 01642 228 315

DX: 65152 Middlesbrough 2

Bailiffs: 01642 343 069

Crown Court fax: 01264 785 037

Jury service: 01642 340 005

Citizens Advice Witness Service: 0300 3321 360

Civil listing: 01642 340 003

Family queries: 01642 343 041

Criminal listing: 01642 343042

Crown Court: 01642 343 059


Bailiffs: bailiffs@middlesbrough.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Civil queries: civil@middlesbrough.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Family queries: family@middlesbrough.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk

Small claims mediation: scmenquiries@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

Crown Court listing: listing@teesside.crowncourt.gsi.gov.uk

Post court: results@teesside.crowncourt.gsi.gov.uk

Crown Court: teessidecrownbails@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

Crown Court: enquiries@teesside.crowncourt.gsi.gov.uk

Witness service: teesside.cc@cawitnessservice.cjsm.net


Baby changing facility

This Court has baby changing facilities.

Children's waiting room

Toys provided in waiting areas

Interview room

Five Consultation Rooms available in District Judges. sixteen on the Court floor.

Loop Hearing

This Court has hearing enhancement facilities.

Wireless network connection

This court has wireless Internet access available within the building

Video facilities

Video Conference and Prison video link facilities.


Refreshments are available.

Disabled access

Disabled access and toilet facilities. Parking can be arranged by contacting the court in advance.

Assistance dogs

Guide Dogs are welcome at this Court.


The is no public parking available at the Court site, but there are numerous car parks in close proximity.

Court Types Crown Court
Areas Of Law

High Court District Registry

Information about getting a divorce

Information about applying for bankruptcy

Forced marriage and FGM
Information about forced marriage protection orders

Domestic violence


  • Darlington Borough Council
  • Durham County Council
  • Hartlepool Borough Council
  • Middlesbrough Council
  • Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
  • Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Information about adopting a child

  • Darlington Borough Council
  • Durham County Council
  • Hartlepool Borough Council
  • Middlesbrough Council
  • Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council
  • Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council


Money claims
Information about making a court claim for money

Housing possession
Information about evicting tenants

Admin Id 3201
Lon -1.2312321804817
Lat 54.575208918539
Updated At 2018-02-22T12:06:02.445
Created At 2013-07-30T16:17:03.013
Court Number 460
Postcodes DH6 2LA DH6 2PL SR8 1AA SR8 1AB SR8 1AD SR8 1AE SR8 1AF SR8 1AH SR8 1AJ SR8 1AL SR8 1AP SR8 1AQ SR8 1AR SR8 1AS SR8 1AT SR8 1AU SR8 1AW SR8 1AX SR8 1BB SR8 1BP SR8 1BS SR8 1BT SR8 1BU SR8 1BW SR8 1BX SR8 1BZ SR8 1DA SR8 1DB SR8 1DD SR8 1DE SR8 1DF SR8 1DG SR8 1DH SR8 1DL SR8 1DN SR8 1DP SR8 1DQ SR8 1DS SR8 1DT SR8 1DU SR8 1DX SR8 1DY SR8 1DZ SR8 1EA SR8 1EB SR8 1ED SR8 1EE SR8 1EN SR8 1EP SR8 1EQ SR8 1ER SR8 1ES SR8 1ET SR8 1EU SR8 1EW SR8 1EX SR8 1EY SR8 1EZ SR8 1FA SR8 1FB SR8 1HA SR8 1HB SR8 1HD SR8 1HE SR8 1HF SR8 1HG SR8 1HH SR8 1HJ SR8 1HL SR8 1HN SR8 1HP SR8 1HQ SR8 1HR SR8 1HS SR8 1HT SR8 1HU SR8 1HW SR8 1HX SR8 1HY SR8 1HZ SR8 1JA SR8 1JB SR8 1JD SR8 1JE SR8 1JF SR8 1JH SR8 1JJ SR8 1JL SR8 1JN SR8 1JP SR8 1JQ SR8 1JR SR8 1JS SR8 1JT SR8 1JU SR8 1JW SR8 1JY SR8 1JZ SR8 1LA SR8 1LB SR8 1LD SR8 1LE SR8 1LF SR8 1LG SR8 1LH SR8 1LJ SR8 1LL SR8 1LN SR8 1LP SR8 1LQ SR8 1LR SR8 1LS SR8 1LT SR8 1LU SR8 1LW SR8 1LY SR8 1LZ SR8 1NA SR8 1NB SR8 1ND SR8 1NE SR8 1NF SR8 1NG SR8 1NJ SR8 1NL SR8 1NN SR8 1NP SR8 1NQ SR8 1NR SR8 1NT SR8 1NW SR8 1NX SR8 1PB SR8 1PF SR8 1PG SR8 1PH SR8 1PJ SR8 1PL SR8 1PN SR8 1PP SR8 1PR SR8 1PS SR8 1PT SR8 1PU SR8 1PW SR8 1PX SR8 1PY SR8 1PZ SR8 1QA SR8 1QB SR8 1QG SR8 1QH SR8 1QJ SR8 1QL SR8 1QN SR8 1QP SR8 1QR SR8 1WX SR8 1WY SR8 2AA SR8 2AB SR8 2AD SR8 2AE SR8 2AF SR8 2AG SR8 2AJ SR8 2AL SR8 2AN SR8 2AP SR8 2AQ SR8 2AR SR8 2AS SR8 2AT SR8 2AU SR8 2AW SR8 2AX SR8 2AY SR8 2AZ SR8 2BA SR8 2BB SR8 2BD SR8 2BE SR8 2BJ SR8 2BL SR8 2BN SR8 2BS SR8 2BT SR8 2BU SR8 2BW SR8 2BX SR8 2BY SR8 2BZ SR8 2DA SR8 2DB SR8 2DD SR8 2DE SR8 2DF SR8 2DG SR8 2DH SR8 2DJ SR8 2DL SR8 2DN SR8 2DP SR8 2DQ SR8 2DS SR8 2DT SR8 2DU SR8 2DW SR8 2DX SR8 2DY SR8 2DZ SR8 2EA SR8 2EE SR8 2EF SR8 2EG SR8 2EH SR8 2EJ SR8 2EL SR8 2EN SR8 2EP SR8 2EQ SR8 2ER SR8 2ES SR8 2ET SR8 2EU SR8 2EW SR8 2EX SR8 2EY SR8 2EZ SR8 2FS SR8 2HA SR8 2HB SR8 2HD SR8 2HE SR8 2HF SR8 2HG SR8 2HH SR8 2HJ SR8 2HL SR8 2HN SR8 2HP SR8 2HQ SR8 2HR SR8 2HS SR8 2HU SR8 2HW SR8 2HX SR8 2HY SR8 2JD SR8 2JF SR8 2JH SR8 2JL SR8 2JN SR8 2JP SR8 2JQ SR8 2JR SR8 2JS SR8 2JT SR8 2JU SR8 2JW SR8 2JX SR8 2JY SR8 2JZ SR8 2LA SR8 2LB SR8 2LD SR8 2LE SR8 2LF SR8 2LG SR8 2LH SR8 2LJ SR8 2LL SR8 2LN SR8 2LP SR8 2LQ SR8 2LR SR8 2LS SR8 2LT SR8 2LU SR8 2LW SR8 2LX SR8 2LY SR8 2LZ SR8 2NA SR8 2NB SR8 2ND SR8 2NE SR8 2NF SR8 2NG SR8 2NH SR8 2NJ SR8 2NL SR8 2NN SR8 2NP SR8 2NQ SR8 2NR SR8 2NS SR8 2NT SR8 2NU SR8 2NW SR8 2NX SR8 2NY SR8 2NZ SR8 2PA SR8 2PB SR8 2PD SR8 2PE SR8 2PF SR8 2PG SR8 2PH SR8 2PP SR8 2PQ SR8 2PW SR8 2PY SR8 2QA SR8 2QB SR8 2QD SR8 2QH SR8 2QJ SR8 2RA SR8 2RB SR8 2RD SR8 2RH SR8 2RJ SR8 2RL SR8 2RN SR8 2RP SR8 2RQ SR8 2RR SR8 2RS SR8 2RU SR8 2RW SR8 2SW SR8 2TG SR8 2WW SR8 2XY SR8 2XZ SR8 2YB SR8 2YG SR8 2YH SR8 2YQ SR8 4AA SR8 4AB SR8 4AD SR8 4AE SR8 4AF SR8 4AG SR8 4AH SR8 4AJ SR8 4AL SR8 4AN SR8 4AP SR8 4AQ SR8 4AR SR8 4AT SR8 4AU SR8 4AW SR8 4AX SR8 4AY SR8 4AZ SR8 4BA SR8 4BB SR8 4BD SR8 4BE SR8 4BF SR8 4BG SR8 4BH SR8 4BJ SR8 4BL SR8 4BN SR8 4BP SR8 4BQ SR8 4BU SR8 4BW SR8 4BY SR8 4BZ SR8 4DA SR8 4DD SR8 4DE SR8 4DF SR8 4DG SR8 4DH SR8 4DJ SR8 4DL SR8 4DP SR8 4DQ SR8 4DR SR8 4DS SR8 4DT SR8 4DU SR8 4DW SR8 4DY SR8 4DZ SR8 4EA SR8 4EB SR8 4ED SR8 4EE SR8 4EF SR8 4EG SR8 4EH SR8 4EJ SR8 4EL SR8 4EN SR8 4EP SR8 4EQ SR8 4ER SR8 4ES SR8 4ET SR8 4EU SR8 4EW SR8 4EX SR8 4EY SR8 4EZ SR8 4HA SR8 4HB SR8 4HD SR8 4HE SR8 4HF SR8 4HG SR8 4HH SR8 4HJ SR8 4HL SR8 4HN SR8 4HP SR8 4HQ SR8 4HR SR8 4HS SR8 4HT SR8 4HU SR8 4HW SR8 4HX SR8 4HY SR8 4JA SR8 4JD SR8 4JE SR8 4JF SR8 4JG SR8 4JH SR8 4JJ SR8 4JL SR8 4JN SR8 4JP SR8 4JQ SR8 4JR SR8 4JS SR8 4JT SR8 4JU SR8 4JW SR8 4JX SR8 4JY SR8 4JZ SR8 4LA SR8 4LB SR8 4LD SR8 4LE SR8 4LG SR8 4LH SR8 4LJ SR8 4LN SR8 4LQ SR8 4LW SR8 4LX SR8 4LY SR8 4LZ SR8 4NA SR8 4NE SR8 4NF SR8 4NG SR8 4NH SR8 4NJ SR8 4NL SR8 4NP SR8 4NQ SR8 4NS SR8 4NT SR8 4NU SR8 4NW SR8 4NX SR8 4PA SR8 4PB SR8 4PD SR8 4PE SR8 4PF SR8 4PH SR8 4PJ SR8 4PL SR8 4PN SR8 4PP SR8 4PQ SR8 4PR SR8 4PS SR8 4PT SR8 4PU SR8 4PW SR8 4PX SR8 4PY SR8 4QG SR8 4QH SR8 4QJ SR8 4QL SR8 4QN SR8 4QP SR8 4QQ SR8 4QR SR8 4QT SR8 4QU SR8 4QW SR8 4QX SR8 4QY SR8 4QZ SR8 4RA SR8 4RB SR8 4RD SR8 4RE SR8 4RF SR8 4RG SR8 4RH SR8 4RJ SR8 4RL SR8 4RN SR8 4RP SR8 4RQ SR8 4RW SR8 4SA SR8 4SB SR8 4SD SR8 4SE SR8 4SF SR8 4SG SR8 4SH SR8 4SJ SR8 4SP SR8 4SQ SR8 4SR SR8 4SS SR8 4ST SR8 4SU SR8 4SW SR8 4SX SR8 4SY SR8 4SZ SR8 4TA SR8 4TB SR8 4TE SR8 4TN SR8 4TP SR8 4TQ SR8 4TW SR8 5AE SR8 5AJ SR8 5AN SR8 5AP SR8 5AX SR8 5AY SR8 5AZ SR8 5BA SR8 5BN SR8 5DA SR8 5DB SR8 5DD SR8 5DE SR8 5DF SR8 5DG SR8 5DJ SR8 5DP SR8 5DQ SR8 5DR SR8 5DS SR8 5DT SR8 5DU SR8 5DW SR8 5DX SR8 5DY SR8 5DZ SR8 5EA SR8 5EB SR8 5ED SR8 5EE SR8 5EG SR8 5EH SR8 5EJ SR8 5EL SR8 5EN SR8 5EQ SR8 5EW SR8 5HA SR8 5HD SR8 5HE SR8 5HG SR8 5HJ SR8 5HL SR8 5HN SR8 5HP SR8 5HQ SR8 5HR SR8 5HS SR8 5HT SR8 5HU SR8 5HX SR8 5HY SR8 5HZ SR8 5JA SR8 5JB SR8 5JD SR8 5JE SR8 5JF SR8 5JH SR8 5JJ SR8 5JN SR8 5JP SR8 5JR SR8 5JT SR8 5JW SR8 5LE SR8 5LF SR8 5LG SR8 5LH SR8 5LJ SR8 5LL SR8 5LN SR8 5LP SR8 5LQ SR8 5LR SR8 5LS SR8 5LT SR8 5LU SR8 5LW SR8 5LY SR8 5LZ SR8 5NA SR8 5NB SR8 5ND SR8 5NE SR8 5NF SR8 5NG SR8 5NH SR8 5NJ SR8 5NL SR8 5NN SR8 5NQ SR8 5PA SR8 5PB SR8 5PD SR8 5PE SR8 5PF SR8 5PG SR8 5PH SR8 5PJ SR8 5PL SR8 5PN SR8 5PP SR8 5PQ SR8 5PR SR8 5PS SR8 5PT SR8 5PU SR8 5PW SR8 5PX SR8 5PY SR8 5PZ SR8 5QA SR8 5QB SR8 5QD SR8 5QE SR8 5QT SR8 5QU SR8 5QW SR8 5QX SR8 5QY SR8 5QZ SR8 5RA SR8 5RB SR8 5RD SR8 5RE SR8 5RF SR8 5RG SR8 5RH SR8 5RJ SR8 5RL SR8 5RN SR8 5RP SR8 5RQ SR8 5RR SR8 5RS SR8 5RT SR8 5RU SR8 5RW SR8 5RX SR8 5RY SR8 5RZ SR8 5SA SR8 5SB SR8 5SD SR8 5SL SR8 5SN SR8 5SP SR8 5SR SR8 5SS SR8 5ST SR8 5SU SR8 5SW SR8 5SX SR8 5SY SR8 5SZ SR8 5TA SR8 5TB SR8 5TD SR8 5TE SR8 5TF SR8 5TG SR8 5TH SR8 5TJ SR8 5TL SR8 5TN SR8 5TQ SR8 5TW SR8 5UA SR8 5UB SR8 5UD SR8 5UE SR8 5UF SR8 5UG SR8 5UH SR8 5UP SR8 5UQ SR8 5YX SR8 9AJ SR8 9AN SR8 9AP SR8 9BA SR8 9BB SR8 9BF SR8 9DD SR8 9DE SR8 9DF SR8 9DH SR8 9DJ SR8 9DL SR8 9DN SR8 9DP SR8 9DQ SR8 9DR SR8 9DS SR8 9DT SR8 9DU SR8 9DW SR8 9DX SR8 9DY SR8 9DZ
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Status Active

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