Blackwood Civil and Family Court


Court #132. This court is Active.

Court building open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Telephone Enquiries from: 9am to 5pm Court counter open: 10am to 2pm

Blackwood Civil and Family Court Information

Name Blackwood Civil and Family Court

8 Hall Street
South Wales
NP12 1NY


Enquiries: 01495 238 200

Fax: 0870 324 0167

Welsh Language Helpline: 0800 212 368

DX: 99470 Blackwood 2



Small claims mediation:


Assistance dogs

Guide Dogs are welcome at this court.

Loop Hearing

This court has a hearing loop system.

Interview room

Four interview rooms are available at this court.


There is 2 hours free public parking near to this court. A pay and display car park is approximately 200 yards from the court building.

Video facilities

Internal Video Conference facility.

Disabled access

Disabled access and toilet facilities are available. Parking can be arranged by contacting the customer service officer in advance.

Prayer / Quiet room

A quiet room for prayer or contemplation can be made available by prior arrangment. Contact the customer service officer.


A vending machine for hot and cold drinks and snacks is on the ground floor.

Wireless network connection
Wifi available

Court Types
Areas Of Law

High Court District Registry

Money claims
Information about making a court claim for money

Information about applying for bankruptcy

  • Blaenau Gwent Council
  • Caerphilly Council
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Merthyr Tydfil Council
  • Monmouthshire Council
  • Newport Council
  • Powys Council
  • Torfaen Council

Housing possession
Information about evicting tenants

  • Blaenau Gwent Council
  • Caerphilly Council
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Merthyr Tydfil Council
  • Monmouthshire Council
  • Newport Council
  • Powys Council
  • Torfaen Council


Admin Id 2842
Lon -3.1929044449128
Lat 51.666530120563
Updated At 2018-04-10T07:54:01.250
Created At 2013-07-30T16:16:56.330
Court Number 132
Postcodes CF87 CF88 CF466 CF818 NP81 NP79 NP78 NP77 NP76 NP75 NP70 NP51 NP442 NP49 NP48 NP47 NP46 NP45 NP40 NP36 NP35 NP34 NP33 NP32 NP31 NP26 NP25 NP24 NP23 NP22 NP21 NP20 NP15 NP14 NP122QL NP114QX CF827 NP235 NP123 NP223 NP113 NP224LR NP225 NP123NY NP132HN NP234EX CF819BG CF819BH NP223PY NP132RN NP17EU NP122EP NP122JA NP235QG NP235Q4 CF819 NP133 NP246 NP236 NP121 NP131 NP122DS NP122QJ NP234LR NP224NY NP113BU NP123NX NP223PB NP123TN CF827GR NP225JA NP235AF NP113JP NP235UL NP123LD NP235FJ NP224PP NP223TP NP235EH NP115EF NP223FB NP235DU NP117NF NP234AT NP224RB NP234WE NP235SW NP223TE CF827LT NP115EG NP122NX NP223DA NP123FT NP225PB NP225BP CF827AW CF827DW CF787DW CF819JX CF823DW NP225EJ NP224JL CF819BT NP123ND CF828AT CF828LA CF89 NP117NZ NP117QD NP117QH NP117JH NP117EL NP117JG NP117NE CF826GT NP117EN NP117ED NP117HW NP117HR NP122 NP237RA NP122FT CF838AA NP117QZ NP117EU NP117HS NP234NU CF834GB NP117QG NP117HE NP117EP NP117ET NP237 NP117NH NP117JN CF27HH NP117JY NP117HD NP117QN NP117HH NP117LE NP117ES NP117HY NP117JT NP117HQ NP117GY NP125 NP114 NP122HP NP132 NP120 NP120AZ NP122NT NP123TB NP122NL NP223ND NP123FE NP234HY NP234TQ NP234BA NP234TT NP235UR NP120LZ NP132HY CF826AP NP234BW NP224 NP234 NP115 NP120SB NP114FD CF828 NP235SL NP225LQ NP122EF NP127PP
Cci Code 132
Status Active

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