Birkenhead County Court and Family Court

County Court - Birkenhead

Court #126. This court is Active.

Court building open: Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm Court counter open: By prior appointment only Bailiff counter open: 8:30am to 10am

Birkenhead County Court and Family Court Information

Name Birkenhead County Court and Family Court

Visit us or write to us
76 Hamilton Street
CH41 5EN


Fax: 01264 785 146

Enquiries: 0151 666 5800

DX: 725000 Birkenhead 10

Social security and child support: 0300 123 1142


Civil queries:

Family queries:

Social security and child support:



Baby changing facility

Baby changing facilities can be found on the fourth floor.

Assistance dogs

Guide Dogs are welcome at this court.

Interview room

This court has interview room facilities.

Loop Hearing

This court has hearing enhancement facilities.


There is pay and display parking at rear of the court building.


Refreshments are available via a vending machine and water cooler.

Disabled access

A lift and accessible toilets are available.

Prayer / Quiet room

A multi-faith prayer room is available.

Waiting Room

Separate waiting areas are available. Please contact the court for any special arrangements.

Court Types County Court
Areas Of Law

High Court District Registry

Information about getting a divorce

Information about applying for bankruptcy

  • Bexley Borough Council
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council
  • Wirral Borough Council

Housing possession
Information about evicting tenants

  • Bexley Borough Council
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council
  • Wirral Borough Council

Domestic violence


Social security
Information about the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal

Money claims
Information about making a court claim for money

Admin Id 2831
Lon -3.0166961781941
Lat 53.391277395042
Updated At 2018-04-10T12:34:00.857
Created At 2013-07-30T16:16:56.141
Court Number 126
Postcodes L413 L415 L417 CH420HP CH605RA CH632NZ CH621 CH621EQ CH467UW CH479RD CH635JE CH432NH CH420JG CH473BN CH474BN CH428PP CH618SN CH455HF CH442BN CH438SJ CH464DZ CH493ND CH623NQ CH461RG CH461RS CH472BW CH451JD CH612XE CH411DN CH616YB CH499 CH499AQ CH611BU CH637NR CH637LR CH623LT CH442DA CH428PJ CH493GN CH611BR CH420JW CH457NA CH499BX CH457SH CH499AN CH499BD CH412SL CH442EH CH637RE CH614YH CH460RS CH638NU CH470LR CH635JT CH432GN CH632PZ CH632NL CH601XS CH438SF CH451LE CH453JH CH453NG CH420JF CH635LA CH453QL CH451LS CH623NH CH430SB CH453HD CH635QS CH457QS CH457QU CH619NN CH605 CH619QA CH488 CH461PA CH615XJ CH426PB CH632NT CH428LW CH619PQ CH430XQ CH460RA CH460RR CH430UZ CH637LL CH635LJ CH432LQ CH451LT CH615XS CH497PF CH461 CH467SP CH492NQ CH420LN CH432JG CH443DD CH461RX CH601XJ CH451JS CH632NE CH434 CH420NL CH499PS CH635LF CH432JJ CH617XT CH451LR CH467SY CH468UU CH499PW CH413 CH457RE CH621DZ CH474AU CH448AW CH461RN CH424QT CH661 CH430TH CH490UW CH460UH CH453LX CH499BE CH455DF CH494QH CH496NE CH633 CH424 CH496 CH499AY CH490TT CH473BU CH451JG CH632HX CH658JA CH416AG CH466 CH415 CH632NY CH605SA CH449AB CH424LZ CH469 CH446 CH420PF CH424QP CH420BG CH494NL CH610HL CH494LA CH461RY CH463 CH613UE CH432LF CH432LY CH621AS CH483JU CH603SB CH603FB CH489XU CH609HH CH430TF CH629BT CH494 CH449 CH447 CH417 CH434TP CH469TG CH632LU CH649SY CH441 CH61SUE CH615UE CH492NJ CH493NB CH490XT CH461QY CH498 CH495 CH448 CH462QR CH462QZ CH499PQ CH499PU CH415HA CH622DF CH469RR CH615XF CH434JE CH452 CH628 CH418 CH425 CH630 CH454 CH435 CH450 CH607 CH622 CH622BX CH455EX CH637LG CH633BH CH449AL CH462RD CH643TE CH624 CH453LU CH453LE CH624RL CH453JJ CH614YP CH605RQ CH428LL CH474BE CH621EN CH457NJ CH620BX CH461PH CH451JF CH467TU CH415EP CH423 CH480 CH625 CH422 CH445 CH431 CH497 CH426 CH486 CH444 CH458 CH427 CH410 CH459 CH414 CH419 CH412 CH456 CH429 CH421 CH440 CH439 CH433 CH437 CH627 CH414JE CH441DT CH42OPQ CH446JY CH441AU CH615YF CH449ER CH461RP CH447EN CH420PQ CH453JE CH461RT CH448DR CH619QD CH602UJ CH449ED CH447BZ CH621BA CH467TR CH460SG CH466AZ CH441BJ CH472BA CH629BB CH441BD CH448EX CH447LB CH424QL CH462QA CH432HG L634 L633 L632 L631 L630 L629 L628 L627 L626 CH623NY CH492NT CH637NT CH635LX CH490TU CH416AE CH436UJ CH470NQ CH472DT CH428NQ CH420HJ CH432JP CH643TF CH639JE CH455DR CH617XQ CH617XH CH432HZ CH637LT CH451HE CH620BW CH618SQ CH612XG CH601YW CH420HZ CH451LY CH619PH CH460TN CH455ET CH453HZ CH482HX CH639HN CH635RB CH491SG CH419AJ CH632JQ CH620DB CH492PL CH473BA CH451HX CH453HW CH420JT CH442BT CH442AX CH600EB CH460RY CH432HX CH471HR CH609LA CH639LW CH637QZ CH420LE CH442DZ CH436TE CH460QS CH490TX CH635JX CH420LA CH492RS CH485DZ CH635JQ CH615UQ CH457NL CH420NS CH436UR CH604RJ CH442DW CH472BX CH626BZ CH460TF CH455JA CH451JU CH468 CH490XF CH416 CH63 CH618SG CH457 CH493NA CH411LU CH432 CH42OJD CH455 CH430XF CH442AD CH451HP CH485EH CH492PJ CH62 CH442DP CH636HD CH420JD CH471HQ CH61 CH490XB CH635 CH478XA CH451 CH420LL CH436TL CH635JJ CH484DA CH601UG CH436TF CH420 CH636HY CH460PF CH618RY CH481LW CH455JB CH485JA CH620BS CH637RR CH619ND CH472DR CH442DT CH474AW CH420LG CH493AW CH623LW CH493PS CH421DY CH455JT CH460TQ CH620AG CH442BP CH428LY CH492SE CH639LY CH420JA CH453QW CH455JL CH482JN CH632QD CH477BU CH601UQ CH606SZ CH432GP CH453NU CH460SN CH460FN CH457QT CH639NW CH490UU CH623LN CH491RD CH411LX CH4111X CH411BN CH451HY CH460SY CH635JU CH484DY CH455AX CH632LW CH623LY CH416AW CH460SZ CH46OFZ CH420JN CH430UD CH618RH CH639HF CH416AB CH420LB CH492PQ CH474AZ CH626EW CH455HB CH615YW CH637PJ CH600BZ CH490US CH467 CH468TF CH635JS CH623LR CH629BN CH443ED CH420JH CH432GJ CH629EL CH643UA CH455BB CH462 CH455BY CH618RP CH432NE CH416SE CH468SP CH620BF CH461SR CH621EW CH623NE CH623LG CH453LJ CH438TD CH470LX CH605RF CH635JA CH637QX CH623LL CH461PN CH430UU CH629DL CH457PR CH455BD CH632PG CH617UQ CH623NA CH465NN CH420LH CH621HE CH615UG CH632PE CH629AR CH430XD CH467TY CH473DW CH453HP CH638 CH499AS CH629 CH491RG CH430RG CH620BQ CH436ED CH432HJ CH416AF CH438SP CH420HW CH455AE CH614XA CH492RY CH428PA CH443 CH430UY CH637LD CH490UJ CH615YG CH472DZ CH620BD CH490TY CH483LE CH473DQ CH614YE CH618TR CH360SZ CH491RQ CH490UF CH635LH CH637QT CH420LS CH470LN CH428PS CH471HW CH430SZ CH453HS CH632PD CH615XH CH639YH CH457QX CH603SN CH490XD CH600AE CH451LX CH626BN CH442DX CH420JQ CH492NN CH428LN CH492QD CH626DL CH416EL CH618SL L625 L624 L623 L622 L621 L620 L619 L618 L617 L616 L615 L614 L613 L612 L611 L610 L609 L608 L607 L606 L605 L604 L603 L602 L601 L600 L499 L498 L497 L496 L495 L494 L493 L492 L491 L490 L489 L488 L487 L486 L485 L484 L483 L482 L481 L480 L479 L478 L477 L476 L475 L474 L473 L472 L471 L470 L469 L468 L467 L466 L465 L464 L463 L451 L639 L638 L637 L636 L635 L450 L449 L448 L447 L446 L445 L444 L443 L462 L461 L460 L459 L458 L457 L456 L455 L454 L453 L452 L442 L441 L440 L439 L438 L437 L436 L426 L425 L424 L423 L422 L421 L420 L419 L418 L435 L434 L433 L432 L431 L430 L429 L428 L427 L416 L414 L412 L410 L411 CH49RY CH48 2JB
Cci Code 126
Status Active

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